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American developer of Brazilian owners bets on talent of athlete Gustavo Teodoro, 2nd place in Brazilian professional ranking,
Magic Development , the American developer of Brazilian owners who has been developing luxury projects in the United States for 10 years, is the new sponsor of golf athlete Gustavo Teodoro, who seeks to compete in the 2020 Olympics.
The golfer is from the interior of the state of Paraná and resident of Ribeirão Preto (SP) for six years. Graduated in physical education, Gustavo is 29 years old, has been working professionally since 2009 and now occupies the 2nd place in the Brazilian professional golf ranking.
During his career, the athlete won several prizes. Last year, for example, was champion of the Ribeirão Preto stage of the Mini Tour Professional Golf Circuit that receives the support of the Brazilian PGA and the Brazilian Golf Confederation, an initiative of volunteer professionals Marcos Silva, Pablo De La Rua, Henzo Myamura and Carlos Person.
A work that aims at the development of professional golf in the country - and the I Tournament of Duplas - Golf Pro Tour, in Campinas (SP). In addition, last year Gustavo won a place to officially represent Brazil in a tournament in Central Africa, in Equatorial Guinea with the seal of the Brazilian PGA organizer of the event classificatory entity that congregates, organizes and represents the professional athletes inside and outside the country.
For the athlete, receiving this sponsorship is very important to achieve the objectives of his career and to be able to add the necessary points in the World Ranking: to be among the top 5 in the PGA Tour LA 2018 tournament and to qualify for the Olympics of 2020 this is the goal of Gustavo. "The partnership with Magic Development is fundamental for my development and support within the sport because it allows me to participate in good national and international tournaments," comments Gustavo.
"Supporting the sport is a concern of our company. We are honored to be able to contribute to Gustavo's Olympic dream, as well as to encourage a Brazilian talent ", says Rodrigo Cunha, CEO of Magic Development. This year, Gustavo Teodoro will compete for the PGA Tour of South America and PGA Tour of Brazil, BRATOUR, which will award the number 1 of the ranking that will play the Q-School of the European Tour in 2019 and two athletes to represent Brazil in 3e 2018 Actuaries Open in Equatorial Guinea - Central Africa.
For 10 years on the market, Magic Development is a developer focused on the development of luxury tourism ventures in Orlando, United States. Its portfolio includes successful projects such as Magic Village 1, Magic Village 2 and Magic Village by Pininfarina, complex luxury condominiums with an innovative concept that offers personalized services and resort amenities in prime locations near Disney theme parks.

For fans and the general public, a potential slice of business customers at golf tournaments ... obviously justifies the investment seeing the best strokes of the young Gustavo, in addition to relating the brand to a lot of networking. It is what you achieve and is worth all the investment spent with a professional golf athlete. I am convinced that we should continue to encourage sponsors to exploit this example of Magic Development. If we can offer the best sponsors and best moments to our athletes, it will be possible to collect the results of this work, and to see Gustavo and many other athletes playing the best tournaments on the world circuit for TV.
Many companies, because they do not know, can not appreciate the art and magic of swing and the right shots on the flag. PGA do Brasil can provide all this.
The sponsors are convinced they are doing good business, which is what really matters. A national scenario where the Magic Development in particular stands out, which will sponsor a great talent and excellent national promise. An example that could be followed by other Brazilian companies that should take advantage of this channel of opportunities that golf provides and set in its annual budget to join the brand to the image of an athlete.

We know that all companies have a series of objectives throughout the year, which are limited to increase sales, achieve greater customer acquisition and loyalty, increase their reputation and prestige to achieve new business opportunities and, of course, acquire national or international level in the sector. Sponsoring an athlete companies participate in several rights closely related to those goals.
The fixation by sport, which undoubtedly "attracts" those who practice, continues to increase in Brazil with considerable growth rates year by year. Currently there are some great athletes waiting for an opportunity (there are no references), which reflect the intention of total national golf growth.
Positioning the Magic Development brand in the best possible scenario through the exclusive sponsorship of an athlete like the young Gustavo is undoubtedly an honor for Brazilian golf.
Finally, the Brazilian PGA offers a special thanks to Magic Development for the support of this young and future champion that is Gustavo Silva. Complete Luiz Martins President of PGA of Brazil.
Ivo Simon
Press officer

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