At the age of 55, Luiz Martins is still willing to learn more about golf...

Capitão de Golfe

......and comment about the industry that grows every year!!! Luiz Martins supports and attends PGA of Canada training courses. Luiz, who has a Master's Degree in Golf since 2000, is one of the most respected professionals in the country and South America, stood out for having created the School of Professionals and written the manual for professionals in 1997.

Luiz graduated more than 250 professionals and placed more than 500 young people in Universities in NAIA and NCAA Organizations with more than 15 thousand hours of golf instruction in the career. Owner and Director of Education at LM Golf School since 2000, Vice President and Director of Education at PGA of South America comments on the Academy of Professionals of the second and oldest PGA in the world.

PGA of Canada professional training courses are one of the most sought after for their dedication to golf teaching and preparation of Canadian and world golf professionals. PGA Canada is the Lifeblood of the Golf Game in the country.

Founded in 1911, PGA of Canada is the second oldest and third largest professional golf association in the world. PGA of Canada similarly to PGA of Brazil is a not-for-profit association of some 3,600 golf professionals across the country.

The mandate of the association is to develop, promote and support its members in earning a better living, while increasing participation, excellence and passion for the sport of golf. The association is comprised of the national office located in Acton, Ont., and Zone Offices throughout the country. The entity is headed by a President, Mark Patterson and a CEO Kevin Thistle who both develop excellent work seeking the development and growth of their professionals and golf as a sport. My sincere thanks for respect and attention given to me and congratulations to these two tireless golf fighters!

To accomplish this purpose and the teaching projects, PGA of Canada has a highly qualified technical department as well as state-of-the-art technology to improve golf: video analysis, putting laboratory, biodynamic and biomechanical studies, Body Track, Trackman, Flight Scope, K-Vest and V1.

PGA of Canada regularly organizes clinics for players, juniors, seniors, women and training courses for professionals, pro-ams and tailor-made tournaments for their affiliates within their respective categories. Each year they provide young people who aspire to professionalism with the necessary knowledge to lead them to the main goal, which is to give science, perfection and depth, the main activities to become a Class A Golf Professional.

The best of all is that the entities and clubs support the work developed by PGA of Canada, just as is around the world, but unfortunately not in Brazil. The decisions made by PGA of Canada are respected by all members and mainly by clubs and entities, associations and federations that only hire professionals duly registered and trained by them.

The course is taught by competent professionals throughout the year, with two or three days of duration besides the online courses that help many professionals who do not have time to leave their jobs to seek this information. All the activities include breakfast, sports activities, lunch and workshops and games, at the courses where these are held.

Participants can among many disciplines to improve their professional activities, including rules, teaching, golf operations, marketing, club management, etc. These subjects are developed throughout the year.

The teachers, despite being young, are excellent professionals, determined and knowledgeable in the art of teaching. I watched the “Teaching Beginners” presentation by professional Kian Geared, a true passionate golfer who loves what he does for the sport.

Always willing to do his best to help his young students as well as the professionals. A kind, but above all, professional way to pass on your knowledge. Thank you, Mr. Geared for your kind attention and respect to me and all other attendees.

You are on the right track and should go like this! Congratulations!!! Luiz ends by commenting that at the age of 55 he learned and developed a lot during his whole career, wrote his own manual, several articles and his own book that will be seen soon by all the golfing public telling all that he lived through and what really happens in golf in Brazil. Luiz is convinced that no one knows everything or is absolute and that one can always learn even from the youngest or at least confirm that what we do is correct as many learn to do the same in these different meetings of teaching professionals.

In Brazil we have to make the difference and show that we are able to create and develop great players and be proud to say that we were educated by the PGA of Brazil,
which demonstrates the greatness of the entity to all members and especially those who are willing to hire our services. Professional golf can improve if we start worrying about the future and start preparing now. We can't let the curious, opportunistic and profiteers take on this role that is for who knows!!! Let's work for our golf, for our players and for our professionals! We will respect ourselves and value our professional’s talents. The Future is now!

Renilson Ferreira
Coordenador de Imprensa PGA do Brasil.

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