Elections to the presidency of A.B.P.G / PGA do Brasil - JACK CORREA elected President

Capitão de Golfe

The 45-year-old Jack Correa was elected today by acclamation as president of Brazil's PGA (Brazilian Association of Golf Professionals). His board has the following names:

Vice Presidents:

Ivanildo de Lima
Peter Dam
Alex Leite
Luis Menezes

Technical director
Eduardo Vasconcellos

Fiscal Council and Alternates:
Ismar Brasil
Luiz Carlos Pinto
Alex Fernandes
Valdir Rondom
Antônio Araújo
Cláudio Oliveira

Jack, an excellent and willing professional who aims to continue working for the growth of professional golf, replaces Luiz Martins after the meeting held at 15:00 on Tuesday, November 26, 2019.

Already in the minutes following the acclamation of the new president, the first words of Jack already sworn in president of the Brazilian professionals. "We have excellent golf teachers in Brazil, but we need more and more quality to improve the level of our young players and work hard with them.

We need to work together and together because we now partner with the Olympic Field, which will serve as a development platform for this purpose, where we can train and show the world great world-class players who represent us with good and real chances to compete on an equal footing with each other. any player around the world.

We need to train more golfers to raise our level of golf. Let's explore the caddy category! Let's compete more to gather. I hope my participation and role as president can contribute to this.

It is very important to try to improve the level of Brazilian golfers. I want to give back something my grandfather and daddy gave me in my 45 years of life. " Thank Luiz Martins for the nomination and all that has been done by the entity in recent years. I hope I can live up to this position. Jack Correa concludes.

We have everything to be the best PGA in South America we just want! Let's together professionalize our association. What we are and where we intend to reach!

Brazil PGA Tour
Brazil PGA
Association (ABPG)
Capitalize money
PGA Tour Brazil (promotes tournaments)
PGA do Brasil (takes care of the events of professional courses Green Keeper classes, Manager among others ....)

We have to outsource management and get the business going on solid planning to get the best results, We have already hired a marketing office. Now we are closing with the commercial where everyone will receive productivity for everyone's benefit!
Professionals will also receive their commission on any sponsorship nominations and etc. We are finalizing the 2020 plan where we will send it to all members.

Cref Exclusion
Courses for cadies with potential for the profession (sieve throughout the country).
We will bring to the Olympic Field the athlete for its development!

Our first Brazilian PGA CT in SP.

Create the PGA Loyalty Card.

Value the PGA brand products:

Caps, Shirts, Pants and more ...

Follows actions:
Alphaville Office: Finished!

Bank Account: Finished!

IRS: Ongoing! (installment payment).

New Accountant: Finished!

Contract with Olympic Field: Finished! (Partnership)

Association Designer Agreement: Finished!

PGA Intercommunities: Ongoing!

PGA Inter Schoolgirls: In Progress.!

Marketing Company Agreement: Finished!

Transparency portal, where every member will have his password to be following everything that goes on the expenses and income of the entity in real time!

PGA TOUR Project for Beginners: Finished!

PGA of BRASIL CT in SP: in progress! Success!

PGA MINI-TOUR Project: Finalizing!

Pga Golf Woman Project: Finished!

Pga Golf Juniors Project: Finished!

PRO-AM PGA Club Project: Finished

I would also like to mention that we will work for the Brazilian Golf, join forces (Entities, Clubs and Federations) and seek the greatest good of all! Thank the President of the Olympic Field Carlos Favoreto for believing in our project and work. Thanks Jack Corrêa.

  Renilson Ferreira
Press Coordinator
Brazil's PGA.

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