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Exactly 16 years ago the ABPG / PGA of Brazil signed an agreement with the CONFEF System imagining that would be the best to value our category. In 2007, for the same purpose, the Brazilian Federation of Golf teachers also signed an agreement with CONFEF.

According to Law 9696 of the System, in order to exercise the profession of instructor, coach, coach or teacher of the sport, it is degree or bachelor's degree. Thus, according to the chosen area, you can teach in schools or work in gyms or sports in general.

However, recent judgments of the Federal Court of São Paulo and also of the Federal Court of Santa having new understandings. Trainers, instructors and instructors of various modalities, such as dance, soccer, martial arts, tennis, table tennis, golf, among others, are managing to keep the profession, through preliminary measures, without registration in the CREFs (Regional Council of Physical Education).

The understanding has been taking place, considering that graduates in physical education were prepared to exercise the role of physical trainer.

Still clarifying a 'loophole' in the Law that provides for the regulation of the Physical Education Profession and creates the respective Federal Council and Regional Councils of Physical Education (Law No. 9696/98), which does not express to the profession of physical education, that is, no rule that determines that professionals of the different modalities that act in the area of ​​instruction of some modalities are required to have a diploma of level superior.

It is necessary to understand that the job of the coach, coach, instructor and teacher is exactly to pass on to your technical students and tactics, in order to establish the best results. And this has been the understanding case law.

Sports education professionals who do not have physical education training are not allowed to take care of the physical part of the athletes, but, yes, and only, of the technical and tactical parts. It's like in a professional football club, where there is the figure of the technician, present to instruct tactically and technically his commanded, and the physical trainers (trained in physical education), physicians (trained in medicine), physiotherapists (trained in physiotherapy). Each one working in your area.

In addition, prohibiting some of our professionals from guiding their athletes / students would be violating directly the constitutional principle of every citizen, of the free exercise of the profession, provided for in Article 5, subsection XIII, of the Federal Constitution.

In a quick and comprehensive analysis in an extremely objective way, anyone would understand that none a physical education teacher would be able to talk about golf without ever having golf. That also serves the clubs, federations and confederation of whom one expects an attitude in favor of the professionals if it is who really want to improve golf in the various categories of the country.

In order to elucidate, the president of PGA do Brasil Luiz Martins gives the following example: Adilson Silva, Philippe Gasnier and Alexandre Rocha, three of the most renowned contemporary golf athletes Brazil has ever had, as well as many others do not have a physical education degree.

Does anyone who has ever grabbed a golf club of any kind but who has superior physical education course would be better able to teach the techniques and tactics of the sport than these consecrated players? Without the diploma, they would have to attend a faculty only to be able to teach the techniques and tactics? The question raised by Luiz Martins.

Let's imagine that the alluded professionals get the feat of playing the four Majorse win a tournament, two or four that are the most important of the world circuit, and that at some point decide teach someone to play golf, would they be required to attend physical education and enroll in the Regional Council? A complete absurd to think so, says the president of the PGA of Brazil.

Thus, this has been the understanding when the modality does not require the coach to take care of the physical part of the athlete. But there is still the question: Can anyone teach golf without registration at CREF? The answer is, in part, yea. But without a court decision, surely this coach will be assessed by the Regional Council of Education Physics that has the function of supervising compliance with said Law.

So that our professionals can play the role of coach, trainer, instructor and golf teacher without the registration, PGA do Brasil is preparing, together with the BRGTF and lawyers, a specific document "dossier" which will allow the framework of the same to the necessary requirements.

The president of PGA do Brasil informs that in the process will be attached to the proof of experience and knowledge necessary to administer golf lessons, so that the Federal Judge can be preliminary injunction.

The CONFEF / CREFs system defends physical education and its graduates, in the PGA of Brazil without measuring efforts, we have to defend the constitutional right of our professionals so that everyone without exception can exercise their work with dignity and professionalism, says the President of the entity.
Ivo Simon
Press Coordinator

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