Japeri field receives help from federal deputy at the request of the Brazilian PGA.

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The PGA of Brazil does and in this case in favor of the golf course of the Japeri, that plays a role of extreme importance in the formation of new players children and adults.

Japeri opened to the public in 2000, obtained the corresponding valorization and homologation of the Federation of Rio de Janeiro. The land was ceded by the city hall and funds for construction came from the Royal & Ancient of St. Andrews as well as several large companies mobilized by the federation's board of directors at that time.

It was in this way that the field appeared, receptive, friendly and able to receive people of all ages. In addition to the golf course, the Japeri Golf Association has a large putting green, a small driving range, parking, a taco house, changing rooms and living room, and helps educate dozens of children and young people in the area.

As soon as the Brazilian PGA became aware that the Japeri club was experiencing difficulties and might have to close its doors, President Luiz Martins activated his Marketing and Development department Wagner Gonçalves to bring to the attention of his Exmo. Mr. Luiz Lima Federal Deputy of Rio de Janeiro the content of the problems with a request for help for the same.

Unlike other entities, the PGA of Brazil aims to fulfill what is transcribed in the high of its Statute that says that it was created to work for golf and in this way, disregarding, racial segregation, social level or even the old discourse of "not losing glamor" our mission is to work to see the golf in the highest place. In this way, we decided to help the Japeri field and its President Vicky White says Wagner Gonçalves, Director of the entity.

I asked our secretary to send an email to the Deputy and I soon made contact and talked about it via Facebook. The deputy Luiz Lima was very receptive and identified with the cause, and at the same time asked for the maximum amount of information to be able to act in a fair and objective way. The PGA of Brazil thanks the Exmo. Federal Deputy Luiz Lima for showing such compassion for the misfortunes of the Japeri golf course, Wagner adds.

I got in touch regardless of the political factors involved in the problem, we know how important the work that the Golf Club of Japeri RJ is doing in support of the growth of golf, besides helping the youth of that region to practice the sport of poles, also directs these same young people to a promising and professional way, different from the one that most of the young people live in the present day in Brazil.

Japeri Golf is a public center funded by the Incentive Law and some international R & A funding and aims to correct imbalances with the formation of excellent sportsmen and good citizens, Wagner adds.

This Saturday, the Japeri Golf Club will host the visit of the illustrious Federal Deputy Luiz Lima in its facilities.

We want to thank the support and help of Deputy Luiz Lima and express that we will always be at his disposal for whatever it takes in any situation.

Renilson Ferreira
Press Coordinator
PGA of Brazil.

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