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The PGA of Brazil promotes and enhances the game of golf at all levels and provides our current and future members with the opportunity to maximize their career potential.


PGA Brasil has the specific responsibility of representing, promoting and developing the interests of professional golf as a professional sports activity, checking the technical level of the members, representing and defending the professional and sporting interests of its members inside and outside the country.

In 1915 Brazil has its first Professional named "José Maria Gonzalez" who worked in the "Clube Campestre de Livramento".

In 1953 the naturalized Brazilian Ricardo Rossi finishes in 50th place in the Masters of Augusta.
In 1956 the Brazilians Mario Gonzalez and Ricardo Rossi finished in 33rd and 17th places in the British Open.

In 1960 Brazilian José Maria Gonzalez Filho finished in the 40th place at the British Open.
In 1962 the Brazilians José Maria Gonzalez Filho and Mario Gonzalez finished the Masters of Augusta in the 44th and 45th places.
In 1970 the Brazilian Luis Carlos Pinto and wins International Open of Itanhanga Golf Club.
In 1970 a group of professionals led by José MARIA Gonzalez Filho gathered at the headquarters of the São Paulo Golf Club and founded the BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION OF GOLF PROFESSIONALS.
In 1981, 1984 and 1985 it was the turn of Jaime Gonzalez son of Mario Gonzalez to participate and finish in the 20th, 28th and 47th place in the British Open.
In 1997, Luiz Martins and elected President of ABPG, he created the acronym Brazil PGA and PGA Brasil, the first international card for associates and disseminates to similar entities around the world. In the same year, Luiz Martins launches the program of entry and education of professionals demanding the PAT (Game Test) providing standards and exemptions, Registration, necessary documentation, history of golf and PGA, categories and processes for changes, annual meetings , attestation of antecedents, science of the sport and the Code of Ethics of the PGA Brazil.
In 1998 President Luiz Martins launches BRATOUR - Brasil PGA Tour with 22 tournaments sponsored by UNIBANCO AIG and supported by several other companies, all clubs, Federations and Confederation.

In 1999/2000 President Luiz Martins conquered the hegemony and freedom of the entity in dispute with CBG. With this, the international representation of the professional golf as well as the representation of the category inside and outside of the country happened to be exclusive of PGA of Brazil.
In 2001 President Luiz Martins creates the SAMSUNG MASTERS and the LG PGA CHAMPIONSHIP with prize pool of 200 thousand dollars each. In the same year Adilson Silva participates in the British Open but can not pass the cut of the tournament.
In 2002, Luiz Martins left the presidency of the PGA of Brazil with 345 professionals associated with a strong support and respect for the entity and its leaders by all the registered professionals that kept up to date their obligations. It counted on the support of the sponsors, clubs, Federations and Confederation. BRATOUR had 22 tournaments, 4 meetings for the professional education school.

In 2006 the then President of PGA BRASIL Antônio Nascimento brings to Brazil the Training Course for PGA professionals in Europe and launches the Master's program with the help of Luiz Martins, José Maria Gonzalez Filho, Juan Miguel Cavalieri and Henrique Holanda .
In 2007 Adilson Silva participates in the British Open more fails to pass the cut of the tournament.

In 2008 Philippe Gasnier became the first Brazilian to play in the US Open through the selective, played the qualifying spot at the Orange Tree Golf Club field in Orlando, Florida, where 75 players competed for five places.
In 2008 Lucas Lee becomes professional and enters the Asian Tour.

In 2011 Alexandre Rocha joins the PGA Tour and in the same year participated and finished in the 68th place of the US Open.

In 2012 Adilson Silva manages to qualify once again for the British Open and manages to pass the cut finishing in 69th place.
In 2014 Lucas Lee enters the PGA Tour Canada previously known as the Canadian Tour.
In 2014 Adilson Silva and the Brazilian best placed in the World Ranking in 502th position after having already been in 371 position.

In 2016 Brazil hosts the Olympic Games in the city of Rio de Janeiro and our only male representative was Adilson Silva ex-caddy of the Santa Cruz Golf Club in Santa Cruz do Sul - RS.

In 2016 the businessman Olawale Opaiynca organizer of the 3rd Open Actuaries in Equatorial Guinea invites Luiz Martins to participate in the first edition of the tournament and at the request of Luiz the invitation extended to Anderson Namur then Top 2 of the Ranking who passed the cut and finished the 23rd place tournament. At the occasion an agreement was signed between Martins and Oppaiynca to have representatives in the event in the next editions.
In 2017 PL Golf Club decides to hold its traditional open tournament by invitation to the professional category. In the same year Santa Monica - PR, Búzios - RJ, and the São Paulo Golf Club open the doors of their clubs to the regional and final rankings. Rafael Barcellos, Gustavo Silva and Ronaldo Francisco were classified to represent Brazil in the 3rd Actuaries Open that year.

In 2018 Luiz Martins President of PGA Brazil and Carlos Favoreto President of Rio Olimpic Golf Course sign a reciprocity agreement that will allow registered professionals, identified and, in the future, their obligations can attend up to 3 times a month to play in the field. In the same year the proposal of union and mutual respect within CBG was presented. We are expecting a return of the same.

In 2018 Luiz Martins rebroadcasts with PL Golf with the support and help of Antonio Nascimento and José Lopes professionals of great respect in the club and the category was awarded with the return of professionals in the regular and senior categories in the open tournament of this year .
In 2018 Luiz Martins and Daniel Munoz from Argentina formalize and formalize the PGA Sulamericano with the participation of the PGAs of Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay and form the first board of directors with Luiz Martins in the vice presidency and Thiago Cardoso and Guilherme Richers as directors.

Presidente: Jack Correa

Technical VP: Ivanildo de Lima
Managing Director: Peter Dam
VP Finance: Alex Leite
VP of Marketing :Luis Menezes

Technical director:

Eduardo Vasconcellos

Effective Fiscal Council:

Ismar Brasil
Luiz Carlos Pinto
Alex Fernandes

Alternate Fiscal Council:

Valdir Rondom
Antônio Araújo
Cláudio Oliveira

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