PGA do Brasil announces its new address already seen in the CT PGA's own project.

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February 18, 2019 - São Paulo - SP
During one of the presentations of the PGA do Brasil projects carried out by the current Executive Board, the entity revealed plans for its new home as of extreme necessity, which will consolidate the employees and professionals of the area under the same ceiling in Barueri Alphaville. Guilherme Richers - Administrative Director made the announcement in the presence of the newest supporter of the entity the professional and member of the entity Jack Correa that highlights the long-standing commitment with the entity when it started the career and now, full of satisfaction can return everything in shape to help the entity.

 We are very excited about the opportunity to continue growing as professionals in the national territory and I believe that the new home of the PGA of Brazil will be a pride for the whole category and the city of Barueri Alphaville, while allowing us to become more efficient in the way of communicate, collaborate and operate as a sports organization, says Jack.  Al. Mamore, 911 Cj. 1303 - Barueri Alphaville - SP Cep: 06454-040 Brazil

 Although we are experiencing internal problems caused by the external environment, I agree with President Luiz Martins that our greatest asset is the professional. United we would be very strong and we could have much more, and our peers today and the future would be proud to be active members of the Entity.  With great effort, we try to reach an increasingly diverse, more global fanbase and position the PGA for future success, we must equip ourselves with tools that meet the changing landscape of national business, media, and technology. Going forward with this new address in Barueri Alphaville will allow more creative and efficient collaboration with our partners and will set the right way to achieve our goals as an organization, says Jack Correa.

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